The hospital emergency room can be quite a hectic place. During the winter months, this is often elevated by the increased number of accidental injuries. We had the opportunity to speak with Tori Dwyer, RN about what it is like working in the emergency department and what can be done to avoid winter accidents. Continue Reading Emergency Room Nurse, Tori Dwyer’s Advice on Avoiding Winter Accidents

Driver’s education can teach inexperienced teens the rules of the road and can assist in the prevention of accidents within this age group. We had the chance to speak with Daniel Afonso of Epic Driving School about the importance of enrolling teens in a driver’s ed program. Continue Reading Connecticut Driver’s Education with Instructor Daniel Afonso

Grief is a common emotion experienced by those who have been involved in an accident. According to Licensed Professional Counselor James Killian, “Grief counseling for those injured in serious accidents or those who have lost someone in an accident focuses on processing and exploring the emotional response to the tragedy.” Continue Reading Grief Counseling After an Accident with James Killian, LPC

Mental healthcare is just as important as physical healthcare. Depending on the severity of the accident, injury victims may have a difficult time processing the traumatic event they went through. We had the pleasure of speaking about the importance of mental health with board-certified psychiatrist Christopher Hammel. He currently operates his practice, Connecticut Psychiatry, out of Hartford, CT. Continue Reading Accident Victims, Psychiatry, and Mental Health with Christopher Hammel, MD, MPH

Fitness and exercise is a large component to living a healthy lifestyle but can it help injured people in their recovery after an accident? We recently had the chance to speak with Greg Herzog, owner of Osteopathic Fitness in Ridgefield, Connecticut about the benefits of this approach to exercise and his experience assisting injured parties. Continue Reading Osteopathic Fitness and Injury Victims with Personal Trainer, Greg Herzog

The topic of teen driving often stresses the myriad of risk factors that come about when a young person gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Mark Cyphers of the Ridgefield Driving School is tasked with a large responsibility. He works closely with this age group and instructs them as they learn to become safe, prepared, and defensive drivers. Continue Reading Teen Driving Safety with Mark Cyphers of Ridgefield Driving School

Running injuries can be avoided, according to Megan Searfoss, owner of Ridgefield and Darien Running Company. Megan is the owner of Ridgefield and Darien Running Company, a run-specialty retailer, located in Ridgefield and Darien, CT. With over 20 years of experience in the healthy lifestyle industry, Megan has become recognized by media outlets as a trusted expert and adviser. Continue Reading Running Safety with Megan Searfoss, Owner of Ridgefield and Darien Running Company

There are three massive mistakes that people commonly make after they have been injured in an accident that can destroy their injury case or cost them thousands of dollars. Here are some easy-to-follow, practical strategies to use right away in order to help you get better quicker and help maximize the value of your case. Continue Reading 3 Massive Mistakes People Make After They Have Been Injured in an Accident

Boating is an extremely popular activity during the warmer months in Connecticut. With access to the Long Island Sound, along with the many natural and man-made lakes across the state, it is no wonder why residents chose to spend their free time relaxing on the water. Operating these vessels naturally presents different challenges than the ones a motor vehicle operator is confronted with. Continue Reading Boating Safety in Connecticut with Patrick Kilby, Owner of Current Boating Education

Astoundingly, it wasn’t until recently that AED devices were mandatory in fitness centers across Connecticut. Our state is filled with bright, tenacious people who are looking to better the community and Suzanne Brennan is one of them. We recently had the opportunity to speak with her regarding the importance of AED device accessibility and how one person’s hard work can make positive changes at the legislative level. Continue Reading Connecticut’s New AED Law and Suzanne Brennan, the Force Behind It