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The Connecticut Injury Resource Guide was formed to help injured people and their families become part of a statewide community to gain insight and commentary to all aspects of injury cases. We are dedicated to the people of Connecticut and have had the privilege of working with them for decades.

We will be sharing interviews with leading experts, providing up-to-date information, commenting on news stories and communicating topical advice to help Connecticut injury victims and their families better understand how they can heal physically, get better quicker, and improve their quality of life.

There are three massive mistakes that people commonly make after they have been injured in an accident that can destroy their injury case or cost them thousands of dollars. Here are some easy-to-follow, practical strategies to use right away in order to help you get better quicker and help maximize the value of your case.
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Boating is an extremely popular activity during the warmer months in Connecticut. With access to the Long Island Sound, along with the many natural and man-made lakes across the state, it is no wonder why residents chose to spend their free time relaxing on the water. Operating these vessels naturally presents different challenges than the ones a motor vehicle operator is confronted with.
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Astoundingly, it wasn’t until recently that AED devices were mandatory in fitness centers across Connecticut. Our state is filled with bright, tenacious people who are looking to better the community and Suzanne Brennan is one of them. We recently had the opportunity to speak with her regarding the importance of AED device accessibility and how one person’s hard work can make positive changes at the legislative level.
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Fireworks are a staple in many summertime events and are, unfortunately, the cause of numerous injuries each year. We had the opportunity to gain insight from Acting Commanding Officer, Sergeant Paul Makuc, of the Connecticut State Police Fire & Explosion Investigation Unit on how to best avoid these accidents and how fire detectives can assist personal injury attorneys with their client’s cases.
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Dr. Yuen-Jong Liu is a plastic surgeon and hand surgeon based in Darien, CT, and serves all of Fairfield County in Western Connecticut. He is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has extensive experience tending to a multitude of injuries, such as dog bites, slip & fall accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and many more.
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We recently corresponded with water safety expert Shawn DeRosa, J.D., of DeRosa Aquatic Consulting about his work with injury attorneys and their clients in the area of water safety. Shawn is one of the leading experts in aquatic risk management in the nation
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An expert in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Elinor Whitmore B.A., LL.B., LL.M., C.Med is Vice President of the Stitt Feld Handy Group, a division of ADR Chambers, located in Toronto, Canada. The company offers professional development programs around the world and provides courses that teach people how to resolve conflicts, negotiate better deals, improve customer service skills, and improve workplace coaching skills.
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We recently corresponded with Dr. Steven W. Shaw, M.S. D.C., F.A.C.O. founder of Shaw Chiropractic Group,  with five locations throughout Connecticut.  Dr. Shaw is Board Certified by the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists and treats seriously injured people as well as consults with personal injury attorneys regarding proper treatment programs.  One of Dr. Shaw’s specialties is the science and treatment of biomechanical trauma.
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