Our office is frequently contacted by people who have been hit by a car while walking as a pedestrian. These accidents involve many different types of fact patterns such as people hit in a crosswalk, people crossing the street without a crosswalk, people getting hit in a parking lot, having an elderly driver back into them, getting hit on a sidewalk while crossing a driveway, and getting struck by a vehicle while on private property.

The Epidemic of Distracted Driving Has Led to More Pedestrian Accidents

Some of these individuals have very serious injuries given the fact that they are unprotected and are struck by vehicles that are many thousands of pounds and are sometimes traveling at a high rate of speed. In fact, one recent study found that almost 5,000 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents in a recent year. Additionally, over 100,000 pedestrians are injured in this country each year. These numbers seem to be increasing with the epidemic of distracted driving.

CT Leads New England in Fatal Pedestrian Accidents

A 2019 Connecticut pedestrian safety guide set forth some very troubling information about pedestrian accidents in Connecticut. Connecticut leads New England in fatal pedestrian accidents. The study found that the cities with the most pedestrian accidents are as follows: Hartford; New Haven; Bridgeport; Waterbury; Stamford; New Britain; Danbury; Norwalk; and Meriden. The cities with the most fatal pedestrian accidents are: Bridgeport; Waterbury; Hartford; Stamford; East Haven; East Hartford; Greenwich; Meriden; New Haven; and Norwalk. Lastly, the cities with the most pedestrian injuries are: Hartford; Bridgeport; New Haven; Stanford; Waterbury; New Britain; Danbury; Norwalk; Meriden; and Manchester.

Pedestrian Crosswalk Accidents and CT General Statute Section 14-300

In determining liability in a Connecticut pedestrian accident case, one must look to Connecticut General Statutes section 14 – 300 entitled: Crosswalks. Pedestrian-control signals. Regulation of pedestrians and motor vehicles or crosswalks. Pedestrians who are blind or have a guide dog. Generally stated, the operator of any vehicle approaching a crosswalk shall yield the right-of-way to each pedestrian and all of the traffic upon such crosswalk. You would also be, in most cases, entitled to the right-of-way if you are a pedestrian walking across the sidewalk that contains a driveway when a motor vehicle attempts to enter.

Exceptions to the Law

There are a number of exceptions to this general rule where pedestrians must yield the right-of-way to a driver. Some of those situations could include when an emergency vehicle with sirens or flashers is traveling down the roadway, when walking or running into the path of a vehicle, which is so close to them, that it does not allow the driver the opportunity to yield, crossing diagonally at intersections, and stepping out into the street that does not involve a crosswalk.

Investigative Help Might Be Needed

Our Connecticut personal injury attorneys have been contacted by pedestrian accident victims who have been seriously injured and where the driver of the vehicle claims they were not at fault. In these cases, we employ the services of our private investigator to interview witnesses, look for security cameras and view videotapes and gather evidence that would show that the driver of the vehicle is responsible for our clients’ injuries and damages.

Do Not Delay in Getting Your Questions Answered

If you have been involved in a pedestrian crosswalk accident or if you have otherwise been struck by a car in a parking lot, on a sidewalk, or at some other location you should contact an experienced Connecticut pedestrian accident lawyer soon as possible because certain investigative work might have to be commenced immediately to establish liability on the part of the person that struck you with their vehicle.

If you’ve been injured as a pedestrian, please don’t hesitate to contact us.