Recently, we had the chance to correspond with forensic engineer Kristopher Seluga, PE. The interview, and his advice, deals with, among other things, the importance of contacting an experienced Connecticut personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Basically stated, forensic engineering involves the investigation and potential inspection of certain products, materials, components, roadways, sidewalks, or structures that either do not function properly or contain a defect or fail and as a result cause injuries and damages to those affected.

Generally speaking, a forensic investigator deals with accident reconstruction, biomechanics, product design and safety, and computer simulations and animations. They are retained in certain cases involving motor vehicle crashes, accidents involving heavy machinery, roadways, bridges, injuries regarding consumer products, construction sites, premises liability cases, slip and fall, and trip and fall accidents, and biomechanics analysis.

It is important to have a forensic engineer, in the appropriate cases and as soon as possible, gather evidence by visiting the accident site or inspecting the piece of equipment which caused the victim’s injury. The investigation might also include reviewing all available reports, photographs, medical records, testimony or statements, and other relevant documentation to determine liability and to develop evidence.

A forensic engineer might be able to determine the liability of third parties or may confirm or disconfirm the liability findings of another party utilizing their extensive knowledge, training, and experience in the development of the liability of personal injury cases.

If you or someone you know has been injured as a result of a defective product, or a defective vehicle, roadway, sidewalk, or some type of structure that is important that you contact an experienced Connecticut personal injury lawyer at the earliest possible moment so that your case can be reviewed and investigated, if appropriate.

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