Recently, we had a chance to chat with Kacey James to discuss the health benefits of holistic treatments after an injury. Kacey is the CEO and founder of HealthX and has made it his life mission to empower people of all ages to look and feel their best.

What is HealthX is and what you do?

HealthX is a cutting-edge wellness sanctuary built to help you seek total mind, body, and soul optimization. Our state-of-the-art facility offers holistic health technologies including Fairfield and Westchester county’s only true whole-body cryotherapy (fully electric-powered). We also feature the world’s only Ice Forge that makes its own ice.

My Team and I provide natural remedies to heal illness, reduce pain, speed up recovery, increase vitality, longevity, and increase performance.

Your mission states that you provide the most advanced wellness modalities available today. What is your experience in these fields and what caused you to open your facility?

I started HealthX to help solve what’s missing in the healthcare industry today: A proactive approach to total health and wellness, along with alternative options to medications and surgery. The modern approach to sick care and symptom management failed me, and it has failed my family and friends.

My mission is to empower people of all ages to look and feel their best by using treatments backed by not only modern science but millions of years of human evolution.

I’ve personally struggled with many health issues for most of my childhood and early adult life. Through many years of research and experimentation- along with working with some of the top functional medicine practitioners in the country- I was able to find that various modalities like cold immersion, saunas, and photobiomodulation, combined with a clean diet, exercise, and mindful practices offered me relief, healing, and enabled me to hold a more grounded emotional wellbeing, optimal physical health, and higher realms of thought.

What different modalities do you provide and what health benefits are derived from each such treatment?

We provide the following treatments:

True Whole Body Cryotherapy

This treatment boosts immune function, reduces inflammation, improves body composition, releases endorphins that help alleviate pain, boost mood, energy, metabolism, and increases the body’s natural healing abilities.


Infrared Saunas are a powerful tool for detoxifying your body from the inside out while increasing circulation, lowering blood pressure, decreasing stress, increasing athletic performance, accelerating caloric burn, and relieves unwanted aches & pains in muscles and joints.


A natural, non-invasive therapy that delivers clinically proven beneficial wavelengths of light to your skin and cells. Promotes skin health & anti-aging, muscle recovery & physical performance, joint pain & inflammation, increased cognitive function, increase hormone levels, healing wounds & burns, and improved sleep.


The NormaTec Recovery System helps maximize recovery for both athletes and non-athletes. Compression therapy (or lymphatic drainage) reduces soreness, reduces inflammation, improves flexibility, and increases blood flow.


The use of contrast therapy is found in cultures across the world, from the traditional onsens in Japan, to plunge pools and saunas in Scandinavia, to the sweat lodges of Native American tribes. Contrast therapy speeds up muscle and injury recovery, boosts the immune system, improves lymphatic circulation, reduces inflammation, increases red blood cell count & growth hormone levels, improves levels of endurance and recovery, increases cardiovascular health, removes heavy metals and toxins, improves sleep, and reduces stress.


Cold Thermogenesis has been shown to positively affect the brain, the immune system, metabolism, and athletic performance. Lower body fat, increase hormone levels, improve sexual performance & fertility, lower blood sugar, cut food cravings, improve adrenal function, enhance immune function, and improve sleep quality.

What types of injuries would benefit from the modalities that you provide at your center and why?

Our modalities have been clinically used to treat a multitude of different injuries. Our Team has assisted in treating almost any injury imaginable. We’ve assisted in treating everything from skin burns and scars, to breaks and fractures, as well as neurological disorders and brain injuries after concussions, trauma, and accidents.

Where are you located and how does one book an appointment?

HealthX is located at 415 Main Street, Suite B in Ridgefield, Connecticut. We are open Tuesday – Sunday and can be reached at 1-475-215-5152 or you can email us at

The best way to book an appointment is on our website

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