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The Connecticut Injury Resource Guide was formed to help injured people and their families become part of a statewide community to gain insight and commentary to all aspects of injury cases. We are dedicated to the people of Connecticut and have had the privilege of working with them for decades.

We will be sharing interviews with leading experts, providing up-to-date information, commenting on news stories and communicating topical advice to help Connecticut injury victims and their families better understand how they can heal physically, get better quicker, and improve their quality of life.


We recently spoke with Juana Rivera, who together with her family, owns AWA Medical Supplies located at 272 Main Street in Danbury, CT.  Ms. Rivera shared some great insight on how the medical supply business can assist injured parties and their families in making their lives more comfortable and helping them through their recovery.
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Christopher Petrosino, PT, Ph.D. is the Chair of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. Professor Petrosino recently shared with us his thoughts on physical therapy, and in particular, how it can benefit seriously injured people.
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We recently corresponded with Paul Cicarella, LPI to discuss his work as a Connecticut personal injury investigator. Paul is the President and founder of Advanced Investigations LLC.  Paul is also the President of the CT Private Investigators Association, and Vice President of the National Council of Investigation and Security Services.
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Recently, we had the chance to correspond with forensic engineer Kristopher Seluga, PE. The interview, and his advice, deals with, among other things, the importance of contacting an experienced Connecticut personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.
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We recently heard from Forensic Engineer and Accident Reconstruction Expert, Kristopher Seluga of Technology Associates of Stamford, CT.  He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Mechanical Engineering department at MIT.  As a forensic engineer, he has investigated hundreds of accidents for both plaintiffs and defendants.
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